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Why do you travel?

I travel to grow. Whether I’m taking a solo trip or a trip with family or friends, my favorite thing about travel is pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to have new experiences. I love to experience new cultures, foods and activities and there’s no better way to learn and grow than from traveling to new places.

Share a travel experience that really shaped who you are today.

I studied abroad in Hong Kong, which drastically changed who I am and what I value most in life. During that experience I was able to travel to Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, and China. It opened my mind to different cultures and pushed me to consider other ideas and ways of thinking. This was the experience that sparked my obsession with global travel.

Check a bag or carry on? 

Carry on, always. Less risk of losing luggage!

Do you collect souvenirs when you travel? If so, what? 

Not kitschy souvenirs, but I love to pick up a piece of art in each country I travel to or something the country is known for. I recently went to Morocco and sent beautiful handwoven rugs back home. These rugs are a statement item, in my NYC apartment, and now my favorite thing that I’ve picked up while on the road.

You just won an all expenses paid trip. Where are you going? Who are you taking with you? 

I’m definitely going on a luxury safari in Africa. I’d love to see and take photos of all the beautiful animals in their natural habitat and disconnect from the world with little to no cell reception or wifi.

Where are you heading next? 

Cape Cod, Italy, Ireland and Bali!

A quote you live by is… 

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”

Katie Johnson (@misskatherinegj) is a New York City AI technology consultant, hobby photographer and Yogi. When she’s not designing and building bots, she can be found adventuring around the world immersing herself into new countries and cultures. Katie has been to 6 continents and nearly 40 countries and is looking forward to more international travels. If you want to see more of Katie’s adventures and maybe some yoga moves, check out her instagram page to follow her journey.